Group Music Program
for children ages 4-8 plus parent
Ear Training Note Reading Rhythm Notation Ensemble Playing

Children have fun with music!

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Music has a way of healing the soul.

All in-person classes have been suspended until further notice.
You are invited to inquire about online classes and private piano lessons via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime.

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 Creating Music In the Classroom

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Also offering private piano lessons for all levels
incorporating Keyboard Beginnings Music techniques

What is Keyboard Beginnings?

Keyboard Beginnings is a music course that introduces young children to their first playing experience on the piano and keyboard as a solo and ensemble instrument. Keyboard Beginnings is an all inclusive music course with songs and lyrics that encourage young children to sing and play simultaneously. Children are gently introduced to note and rhythm notation through the repetition of note patterns and simple rhythms in each song. The music books in the young beginners series were created by Judy Kagel of JBK Music Publishing Co. The music books for young children include activity pages for reviewing concepts taught in each song. Through ear training activities, children learn to distinguish different pitches, listen and clap simple rhythm patterns, and play music with an even tempo.

Keyboard Beginnings, now in its 15th year, has been classroom tested in Monmouth and Ocean Counties of New Jersey.

  • Children ages 4 - 8 are taught to play piano/keyboard in a group
  • Children are grouped with similar ages
  • Note reading and rhythm notation in a fun and age appropriate manner
  • Ensemble playing on keyboards and rhythm instruments
  • Ear training and singing
  • Music appreciation
  • Movement
  • Music games

For more on the philosophy and techniques behind Keyboard Beginnings, visit our new Blog!
Keyboard Beginnings Blog

Creating Music
  • Writing original compositions
  • Improvising melodies on piano/keyboard
  • Creating rhythms on classroom percussion instruments


Parent's Role
  • Serve as partners in the classroom 
  • Share special positive time together with your child
  • Encourage and assist your child with practice at home
  • Ideal for home school education


  • To develop overall musicianship through singing, playing and creating
  • To develop an interest in the piano/keyboard through ensemble playing
  • To encourage children to learn and play musically by teaching an exciting fun lesson in a positive atmosphere
  • To develop in each student the beginning of a lifelong appreciation of music and to have the pleasure of performing for one's own enjoyment


Group Lessons Develop...
  • Rhythm skills 
  • Keyboard skills
  • Listening skills
  • Creativity
  • Personal talents and needs
  • The ability to work with and respect other children's achievements
  • General love for music


Where Can Your Child Participate After School?  

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Don't miss out on this Music Education Program for your child!

Keyboard Beginnings Music IS the Foundation
for Piano, Keyboard, and other musical instruments


Judy Kagel, author of Keyboard Beginnings, has been chosen once again to present Keyboard Beginnings workshops at the New Jersesy Music Education Association Conference in Atlantic City on Feb 20-22, 2020. Ms. Kagel will demonstrate ideas and techniques for teaching group keyboard in the classroom to grades K-3rd. Included are hands-on activities to develop note reading and rhythm notation that she has developed. <continued>

Schools that are using Keyboard Beginnings

Arleth Sehool, Sayreville, New Jersey

West Freehold School, Freehold Township, New Jersey

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